40 Years Later, Is The Candidate Still Satire?


This week, for our inaugural Political Theater conversation, Atlantic staffers and I watched your most-requested movie: The Candidate, the 1972 dark comedy starring Robert Redford. And many of us left our screening … a little confused, actually! We had gone into the movie expecting it to be, as it been described, a “satirical comedy-drama”; I’d been imagining it, basically, as The Ides of Marchbut with wider lapels.

The consensus among our watching party, though, seemed to be that it was difficult to tell how, exactly, the movie was working as satire. Was the crux of the argument that Redford’s character—Bill McKay—was selected to run for Senate almost entirely because of his good looks and, secondarily, nepotism? Was it that he had, in the end, sold out his ideals simply to gain political power? Was it the broader, more tragic notion of how powerless the individual person can be against the lurching machinery of party politics? Continue reading

Titian Quest Anniversary Edition

Download and install hxd

Open player.chr in %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest – Immortal Throne\SaveData\Main\[character name]

search for money

I currently have 26,483 coins which translates to 67 73.  The next two spots are 67 73 in reverse order. In my case I would change 73 67 to FF FF.

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Going traitor: Avatar versus Imperialism

“How does it feel to betray your own race?” These are the infamous last words of the mercenary colonel Miles Quartrich, snarled at the hero Jake Sully in the final minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar; set a century and a half into the future and 25 trillion miles from our planet. But Sully and the tiny minority of humans who change sides to fight alongside the Na’vi people in the 3D sci-fi epic were far from being the only ones who became traitors.

In the here and now of Earth in 2010, in the darkness of thousands of movie theaters, though purely passively and for the brief period of two and a half hours, more than one hundred and fifty million people (so far) have enthusiastically betrayed their ‘own race’, cheering on in their hearts- and often out loud- the defensive war of the imaginary blue-skinned Na’vi of the planet Pandora against the predatory corporate, militaristic, and environmentally destructive forces of homo sapiens.

And how did that feel? It felt very good; even, apparently, for the millions of people in the USA who have watched the movie. Under the headline ‘Avatar: the most expensive piece of anti-American propaganda ever made’, Dr Nile Gardiner wrote in the Daily Telegraph, a British Conservative newspaper:

When I saw the movie last night in a packed theater, I was disturbed by the cheering from the audience towards the end when the humans – US soldiers fighting on behalf of an American corporation – were being wiped out by the Na’vi. Washington is one of the most liberal cities in America and you come to expect almost anything here – but still the roars of approval which greeted the on-screen killing of US military personnel were a shock to the system, especially at a time when the United States is engaged in a major war in Afghanistan.

Continue reading

Random thoughts and my update relationship stuff

So as you all know my previous relationship came to abrupt end when Jack Bossworth decided to end it and date someone closer to him. Still find kind of down about it but hey it allowed me to meet someone closer to me and has moar in common with me than Jack. He is a history major which imo is epic win.

After everything that happened if would like to apologize to Jack. While it is no excuse my emotions were guiding my actions this past month. While I haven’t been diagnosed I have notice that if have the symptoms of Cyclothymia which has its Euphoric phase which i experience when I was with Jack and then afterwards the Dysthymic phase. I raged against Jack and i regrett every word. Not that it matters forgivness isn’t a word that people don’t know anymore unfortunally.

So i was trying to set up a RDP and I found out that you can’t on a vanilla xp home edition. But I found a way around this. www.mydigitallife.info/2008/06/14/install-and-enable-remote-desktop-in-windows-xp-home-edition/ This trick converts your win xp home to pro and allows you to set up RDP server.

Anyway on to my how i meet Stuart. I was pretty upset at Jack and pretty depressed. Angry at myself angry at the world and angry at ToS. I was okcupid a dating site (www.okcupid.com/profile/ballju) and I was contacted by Stuart with a simple whats up. When i got the message we were both online so i decided to IM using the okcupids system the rest is history. We are chatting on Skype and hope to see each other in July. We have a lot in common and the only thing that we don’t have in common is a mutal intrest in fps video games which might be a good thing -D.